Top 10 promo animated explainer videos of 2019 (fresh year-end compilation)

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What are the criteria for this list?

  • All of these videos have been uploaded to Youtube in 2019.
  • The common element is the video style – all are animated explainer videos!
  • All of these are promo explainer videos either introducing a product or a new feature of a product.
  • Ruthless criterion – All of these are able to explain the problem and solution in the first 30 seconds!
  • Eye candy – All of the videos have used some excellent animation artistry.

  • Engaging – All of these are super-engaging!

  • Ranking – The ranking is a combination of the above i.e. (1) ability to explain FAST within 30 seconds (2) visually appealing and (3) engaging.

Top 10 animated promo explainer videos of 2019 are…

#1 – WhatsApp end-to-end encryption

You may know that Whatsapp was acquired for $19 Billion! In 2018 itself it had more 0.5 Billion daily active users! With a growing audience, came growing concerns about privacy.

And Whatsapp comes with an awesome 30-second explainer video to clear the ground! Within 30 seconds you see an engaging story and Whatsapp also allays all your fears!

Bang! Within 2 seconds it brings the main concern right up your face! ‘Your privacy and security’. A girl is riding a scooter and the tire goes kaput! While sitting on a lonely walkway, she sends her location and a message to a dear one. What a way to highlight the main problem i.e. security. See what happens next!

A beautiful soundtrack, no voiceover and very little use of onscreen text. It does the job spot on! The branding is also very obvious (hues of Green that is so much Whatsapp!).

#2 – Sleep by Headspace

A Buddhist monk spent 10 years in Tibet. He came back and started a wellness and mediation company. In 2017 itself, Forbes valued it at $250M and the app had 400k paying subscribers. Its Headspace.

In 2019, Headspace released another promo and it has one of the best animations on this list!

It starts with a wide-angle view of a building at night, with lights being turned off, but a few remain on! And those houses have people with sleep problems.

The camera zooms into those houses to show the people affected by this problem. The characters are very neat and impressive! Typical scenarios are highlighted with the camera panning to the next window one by one.

And then with the solution (Sleep by Headspace), one by one the people are able to sleep peacefully.

This is an amazing example of storytelling in a unique and engaging way. Even the voiceover is so soothing, you will feel like going to bed right away. You should not miss this!

#3 – Yum Yum Videos promo

This video is about an explainer video company ‘explaining’ what they do. And they do it pretty well! This one is an edited version of a video released sometime back. But the makers have done a great job to squeeze it to roughly 41 seconds!

Right from the start, the problem statement is nailed to your head. An energetic voiceover starts with footage of a burly guy like Johnny Bravo (minus the hairstyle, plus the beard)! Don’t you think so?

It then takes you to a typical day at their office, where they meet clients and work on their projects. The visually appealing prop of a measuring tape to customize a video is really good!

Highlighting big logos and clients, it seals the trust factor for new prospects. Check it out!

#4 – ETORO

Did you ever copy in school exams? How about copy trading? It’s not a joke, but an investment tool! Such tools made Etoro an $800M company in 2018. Etoro explains this concept in this hilarious video!

It has an over-the-top voiceover with a British accent which is damn funny. It is a crisp 30-sec video and it really works!

It uses excellent cartoon 2D animation with really great results. Throughout the video, you will see a ‘green ray’ or something like a comet that acts as a cue for us.

See the scene transitions, the zoom-in zoom-out effects and color schemes. They are so much fun!

With all this buffoonery, the concept of the product (social trading platform) is explained quite effectively. And check out the last scene, the background, and the unicorn. It is ridiculously funny but you should get the point!

#5 – CSBA (Bank In A Box)

Is your money SAFE in the bank? In this era of banking chaos, this bank operates a unique model. Where customers own it! Explained brilliantly in this whiteboard video!

Whiteboard explainer videos done by Cognitive Media are masterpieces. But they are generally long videos explaining complex topics (like the RSA animate series).

But I was pleasantly surprised by this whiteboard video as it is just over a minute long! For a whiteboard video of this length, you got to have an exceptionally good script and creative whiteboard skills. And this video ticks all the boxes.

Within 24 seconds flat, it explains the problem and pitches CBSA bank as the solution. As with all videos around the globe, a ‘cat’ is a trouble maker and perfectly symbolizes a typical local ‘cunning’ bank.

Cognitive media whiteboard animations, usually don’t have any music. This one follows the trend. But look at the amazing skill and imagery! Top class!

#6 – St-yl

Artificial intelligence for self-driving cars? Yes, we all know. But AI to design your clothes? Yes, this $2 Billion styling company shows it in this explainer video!

The company is called St-yl (that’s not a typo).

In this case, the explainer video style used is a very well done 2D animation. If you carefully observe the first few scenes, there are some elements that look like 3D! Great use of effects!

As the business model is quite unique, it explains the process in a few simple steps. You get a perfect idea of what you should expect with the service.

The video uses a very colorful palette, a vibrant voiceover, and a good soundtrack. Check it out!

#7 – Meet the new Dropbox

How can a Dropbox video NOT be a part of any such list? After all, it started the trend of explainer videos, with their promo explainer video way back in 2007.

And that explainer video helped them raise $48 million! See these news snippets!

In 2019, they made another explainer video! This time to show the ALL-NEW Dropbox. And the history of Dropbox is not the criterion for selecting this video. It is a really good explainer video!

With a lovely voiceover and a music track, it presents the real-life problem.

If you work in a corporate IT firm, you can relate to the problems and immediately identify yourself with the video! It neatly summarizes the 3 most problematic areas for which there are solutions.

The animation used really elevates the chaos caused by the problem. It is a mix of 2D and motion graphics.

Jump to 1:17 in the video and you will see a cute little bunny emoticon dancing. I can’t be sure if it’s just a video element or an actual product feature. You have to check it out yourself!

#8 – Kloudio

Kloudio is in the data analytics space. Fortune 500 enterprises to small and medium-sized businesses use it. Their promo explainer video uses motion graphics animation to great effect!

See how beautifully different elements flow to give you immersive viewing experience. Try this – go very near to the computer screen and see the video. You will get a real 3D feeling as if you are entering that animated world!

The voiceover is very upbeat and professional, with a pleasant soundtrack. This video also keeps the branding in check with the careful use of colors.

With a length of 1:12 minutes, it does an amazing job to keep you engaged and hooked!

#9 – AppToPay

This short 45-sec video explains the concept of App to pay really well.

The animation style is 2D with some really great motion graphics. See how beautifully the camera is zoomed in and out of the app to make transitions! And the blue color palette is consistent with the product brand.

The nice mellow music and a ‘radio jockey’ kind of a voiceover really help. There are some really great sound effects (like popping sounds) that create an impact. A well-done explainer video!

#10 – Zeamo

‘Zee-aa-mo’ has a unique concept where you can access more than 25,000 gyms worldwide. It is quite well explained in this explainer video.

Even if you are remotely connected to health and fitness, you will like this explainer video. It starts with 3 characters and you will think you are one of them.

The video introduces the features, convenience of setting up and using the app with a few engaging scenes. After seeing the video, you will definitely want to check out the app!


Creating a top 10 list of the best-animated explainer videos is a tough task! As I said, there may be so many deserving candidates that are not in the public domain.

But according to me, these are the best and deserve to be in the TOP 10! These are really good short animated promo videos that ‘explain’, have brilliant animation and keep us engaged.

Which one is your favorite among this list? Do you feel there are a few that were left out?

Hit that comment box!

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