Top explainer video software with pay-per-video plans!

Ever been in a situation, where you want to create a quick explainer video?

One where you have not planned for it but somehow realize you need it?

That’s a mess! And you obviously haven’t planned any budget for it either. You just want a straight, commitment-free one-time payment option.

These real-life scenarios may seem familiar to you.

Who should go for a pay-per-video option?

  • You own a start-up and you get a last-minute meeting to pitch your product to an investor. Suddenly you realize you want an explainer video!
  • As an internet marketer, you have done all the hard work. Put your sweat and tears into building your website. Spent endless nights writing phenomenal blog posts with bloodshot eyes.

    A few days before launch, you realize you need to promote on Youtube! But where is the video?

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  • Email automation. Checked. SEO optimization. Checked. An explainer video, checked!

    Before your website launch, you look at a competitor’s video. That guy has a cool animated logo at the start of his explainer video. And yours is a boring, static logo!

    You desperately want one.

  • You recently renovated your restaurant, changed the whole damn menu. Everything looks spic and span. You decide to put a Facebook post. You realize a quick video would be much better!

  • As an app developer and owner, you decide to launch on Playstore, Apple App store, everywhere. But you realize you need just 1 video for quick promotion.

Even if your scenario is different, you may still want a quick explainer video. Without fuss. Without any subscription. One where you pay a small amount and that’s it!

A pay-per-video option will be the best choice for you. Pay for 1 or a few, make your explainer videos and rock your business!

Benefits of pay-per-video packages

  1. Low upfront payment – It’s quite obvious, these will come real cheap. You only pay for what you want to create. Nothing more, nothing less!

  2. No recurring commitment – Naturally, you will not have any recurring financial obligations. No monthly charge. No annual charge. Commitment free!

  3. An excellent way to try a product – Well, you get free trials. But these trials usually offer limited functionality. And you cannot use them commercially. That sucker, the watermark of the company will be there in all your videos.

    With a pay-per-video option, you can take a test drive before you decide to buy your explainer car! (Too bad this test drive will cost you – but hey, this is not a car!)

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Some really good pay-per-video options

Read on to find out all the options you have!

Most of these are template-based; You get ready-to-use templates and you are done. Your explainer video is ready.


Rawshorts (affiliate link) offers not just template-based but cutting edge AI (artificial intelligence) based videos as well.

You have a variety of choices like live-action, 2D animation, whiteboard animation, and others. Create almost any style of explainer videos.

And for making the videos, you have these options:

  • Templates – Loads of templates to choose from.
  • Stock footage – You get a massive library of royalty-free stock footage for your live-action explainers.
  • AI-based
    • Have a text script? Just feed it to the AI Engine to get your video made. Quickly customize and you will be done.
    • Point your blog post URL and get a video created.

So what’s the pay-per-video price?

  • $100 for 5 videos ($20 per video)
  • $200 for 25 videos ($8 per video)

Quick tip:

Once you are on the pricing page, scroll to the bottom to see the ‘Pay per export plans’. When you click that you see the pricing page for this option. Check these screenshots.


With Renderforest (affiliate link), you can create template-based explainer videos.

And boy, there are loads of template categories and styles. Event-based (Christmas, weddings, birthdays), real estate, intros-outros, animated logos, educational, corporate.

2D Animation, whiteboard; you get pretty much all the styles.

Each template comes with a scene pack or toolkit, offering a lot of flexibility and choice,

You can make your explainer videos using

  • Templates, loads of them!

Check out my infographic video on video marketing statistics created in Renderforest. Initially, I just wanted to go with a FREE video. But the video turned out to be so good, I ended up buying it for $19.99!

I decided to buy on the spot because of the pay-per-video option!

How much do you pay-per-video? It starts with $9 per SD and goes till $42 per full HD video.


MakeWebVideo (affiliate link) also offers a huge collection of template-based explainer videos.

Like Renderforest, this one also offers different categories and styles of explainer videos. Some interesting styles are ink-effect, scrap-book, and pop-up book videos. Here you can add your own live-action footage and create some really cool explainer videos.

What also interesting is that they will host the video for you. This means you can directly embed the video with a player (you don’t need to upload to any other platform like Youtube).

Make your videos using

  • Lots of ready-to-use templates.

How much do you pay-per-video? It starts at $10 to $29 per video. All are full HD. The price varies as per style.

Now with these options, there’s no one to stop you. Go ahead and create your explainer videos using these great pay-per video options.

Want to go beyond pay-per-video plans? Check out these top affordable explainer video software with monthly subscription plans.

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