Until Today You May Have Read One-Sided Articles On Explainer Videos!

You might be thinking, “Yeah, maybe. But how will I know if they were one or ten-sided?”.

That’s fair.

Go back to that article or jog your memory.

The article might have dished-out full-fledged details on what explainer videos are, the types, the styles, and so on.

And there was probably a compilation of some stellar explainer videos that knocked your socks off!

How to write a gripping script. How to add a catchy voiceover. The article surely would have brought out the movie-maker in you.

But right towards the end, you were probably presented with only 1 solution to make your explainer video. It would something like:

“We at ABC can make your product shine with a custom, high quality explainer video”.


“Making explainer videos has never been easier. With our DIY software, you can make one in minutes!”.

Now, these are good options. But how do you know if they are right for you?

We as business owners and great fans of explainer videos were in your shoes! DITTO!

There was not a single, independent, unbiased source that gave all solutions, made the right recommendations, and let us choose!

That’s when we decided to make such a website. One that covers all aspects, caters to you, to everyone!

And ExplainerFAQs.com was born!

You are SPOT-ON in deciding to use Explainer Videos as a marketing tool!

What better than a brilliant video that showcases your product, highlights the benefits, and entertains your customers?

But don’t go by your gut. Not even our gut.

This summary infographic of the massive, most extensive annual Video Marketing Research, says it all!

And if you don’t want to believe research, there are amazing success stories across industries and niches!

Why should you trust us?

The facts, figures, and information you see come from industry experts (Big Media Agencies, Video Software Companies, Annual Video Marketing Research Reports etc). They know their stuff!

All we are doing is, compiling content with the eyes of a user like you.

With our corporate experience and working with numerous customers, we were able to make content that CATERS TO YOU.

Content that can help you achieve your goals from an explainer video!

We were able to classify what solution may and may not work for you.

How should you get started?

Read the Explainer Video Guide 2020 and make that fabulous explainer video!

Converting customers, running a thriving video business, spreading your mission worldwide, educating students, making mouth-watering cuisine videos for your restaurant; Whatever your aim, we are happy to help you with your marketing dreams!