Explaining ‘Explainer FAQs’

Explainer FAQs is a humble attempt to give the best content for creating explainer videos and video marketing. We love the concept of explainer videos and the impact they bring to a marketing strategy.

This infographic video proves the point!

Primarily, we are trying to solve these burning problems in the market today.


The #1 factor that comes into play when trying to create explainer videos is the cost!

And if you don’t have a BIG budget to spend on a studio and get a custom video created, we can help! Our attempt will be to provide the knowledge, tips and tricks and recommendations on the best affordable DIY software.

If you still want to have a highly customized video, we recommend the companies offering services an unbeatable price!


Don’t you dare think that affordable DIY software will give poor quality! We will always find the options that will give you the best quality explainer videos.

The best quality need not be expensive!

And if you want a custom video, the recommended companies would be top-notch!

Ease of use

When you are on the hunt for creating an explainer video, you have other things in mind.

You want to launch your start-up, start your online marketing website or solve many other real business problems.

Amongst this, who has the time to learn complex software to create videos? Our aim will be to find the most convenient and easy to use DIY software and tools.

And if you plan to go for custom services, you obviously don’t need to lift a finger!


This is not a burning problem (but why not?!).

We hate dull, boring content!

That’s the reason, you will find light, entertaining posts. All our posts will have anecdotes, funny images (we hope you find them funny) and storytelling.

And that’s the best way to learn and retain the knowledge!

The team

At present it’s just a duo (a married couple really).

Amit Nair (Co-founder)

Amit Nair

Hello, world!

I am an expert in explainer videos and I can help you turn your video into pure gold. (I wish, I could say this 😊, but that is something I would definitely do for you if possible)!

I am NOT an expert in video production.  But I have a decent experience in it. And a child-like curiosity for all videos.

These are some amazing experiences that kindled my interest in videos.

  • The late 80s and early 90s – If you are from this era, remember 7up’s amazing mascot, Fido Dido? Those ads were the best examples of an explainer video! Whiteboard animation in particular. I practiced drawing Fido Dido day and night. So much so, that I could sketch him up in 30 seconds (I might still do it).
  • 1997 – With my first 200 MB RAM computer, I and my friends were trying to start some sort of business. I was trying to make a silly flash animation of an egg breaking open and a chick (as in chicken) flying up in the air. I still laugh at the concept but it gave me some hands-on experience in making a simple animation.
  • Fast forward to 2011 – I was working in an IT services company. Coincidently, I got the chance to create a demo video with screencasting. I did everything from creating stick figures on paper to creating a video using a combination of Powerpoint animation and screencasting. I even tried to give it my own voiceover. For me, it was an immense learning experience that ran into 100s of hours!
  • 2013 – For my own social marketing website (which was never launched BTW), I wanted to create a whiteboard animated video. I created some nice sketch characters into paper-cut outs. The idea was to use stop motion animation and make a video. I didn’t get any further (as the site didn’t go any further), but it gave my explainer brain cells a real boost.
  • 2016 – For one of our websites, I created a presentation-based explainer video and even published that on Youtube. Entirely using Powerpoint text animation and a great royalty-free track. The video was a bummer! But it gave me enough experience in finding the right ways to make explainer videos.

My approach and the tools I use

I wanted to approach this topic with a lot of fun. I really hope, you will never find my content sleep-inducing!

For the blog posts, one of my biggest inspirations is Tim Urban (founder of Waitbutwhy.com). He uses a combination of amazingly written fun content with equally funny hand-drawn sketches.

I use the humble Powerpoint and Paint 3D! I don’t use Photoshop (I don’t know how to use it). I use a lot of awesome attribution free images from Pixabay and other sites.

I draw the stick figures (those weird stick cartoons) in Paint 3D using my mouse. It’s time-consuming but fun (I am yet to experiment with a digital pen).

My personal favorite is the Pacman images used in the post different styles of explainer videos. I created them entirely in Powerpoint. The free written text was added using Paint 3D.

Pacman eating ear zoomed out pacman eating ear zoomed in

For videos, I get inspired by any video which entertains and puts the point across!

And my aim is to try every software and tool that is out there and create a video! You can have a look at the ExplainerFAQs Youtube Channel, where you will get to see the videos I created.

Since the inception, I have tried various tools like Explaindio, Rawshorts, and MySimpleShow.

Pheeewww, that’s a lot about me. Over to Jo.

Jyotsna Nair aka Jo (Co-founder)

Jyotsna and Amit Nair

I normally do all the talking in real life, so I leave all the writing to Amit!

Sometime last year, when we were putting up another website (idreamluxury.com), Amit had created a presentation-based explainer video.

I still recall the pain he went thru to create that video.

We decided to use this experience and help people. We joined a few forums and started answering queries related to this topic.

The response was very good. That encouraged us to research this topic. There were very few (almost nil) online resources offering independent information and advice on explainer videos.

That’s the reason we said, “Why not start a full-fledged website where we can offer drool-worthy content on explainer videos?”

Husbands have to follow their wives! Taking my humble suggestion, this website was born (the husband followed).

My role will be to review everything you see here and make sure Amit doesn’t go overboard. He has also asked me to test explainer software every now and then. I have no prior skill in explainer videos, but that’s the idea. If I can make great videos, so can you!

Besides this, I have a rich 10+ years’ experience in the hospitality industry. And I know the importance of customer service and providing value.

If you have any questions, check out our Contact page or email us on amit[at]explainervideos.com.