5 incredible script formats from winning explainer videos

Every once in a while comes an explainer video that breaks the internet. Challenges the status quo. Tickles your ribs. Freezes you in your motion.

For the creators, it’s a job well done. For the customer, it means they move one step closer to take action.

For your explainer video, why not get inspired by them?

Read on to find the most popular explainer videos and their script formats.

Adapt them if you like. Tweak it and make it your own version!

Warning – DO NOT copy the script and the lines. We are only talking about the script format and structure!

The Dollar Shave Club promo

Style, length and tone

  • Style – Live Action (it’s obvious). The founder himself is in this video and ‘explains’ the entire concept of this business. Check out all styles of explainer videos.
  • Length – This hilarious explainer video is 1 min, 33 sec long
  • Target audience – All men who get facial hair and need to shave.

  • Industry – Personal care

  • Tone – Hilarious, funny shocking elements (you will get the urge to replay it over and over)

Script format

1 liner company intro

Giving the company Intro in 1 line

The founder sums-up the business in 1 line. “For $1 a month, we send high-quality razors right to your door.”

The line highlights these key strengths.

Super affordable – Conveys that it costs only $1 per month

Quality – Emphasizes on ‘high quality’, so that the audience does not take it to be a low-quality product for such an affordable price.

Convenience – Describes that it is home delivered; a nice way to highlight convenience.

Presenting the company slogan or a catchy line

Screenshot from the DollarShaveClub video on Youtube

“Our blades are f*cking great”. This is an actual line in the video. You also see a paper poster with this line. Though, this is not their slogan.

Summing features and giving assurance

As he keeps on walking, he briefly mentions about 3 solid features (stainless steel blade, Aloe Vera strips, and a pivot head).

And ends it saying “It’s so gentle, even a toddler can use it”. The customer will feel it is super safe and gentle for the skin.

For your video, talk about the features, but make the benefits the ‘HERO’.

Questioning the customers’ buying patterns

If you make a customer feel, they were buying the wrong products, spending on features they don’t need, you create a psychological upper hand.

“Do you need to spend $20 on branded razors?”
“Do you need a fancy razor with a flashlight, back scratcher bla bla”
“Stop paying for shave tech you don’t need.”

Hearing these lines, even I feel “Why the hell do I spend so much on my razor.”

Hammering down the idea of ‘big savings’

As walks past a pile of packed razors, says, “Think where you will stack the dollars, I am saving you.” That’s a smart way to say “You will save lots of dollars.”

Screenshot from the DollarShaveClub video on Youtube


The video ends with the website name and a cool caption enticing the audience to visit the site immediately.

Best fit for:

  • Product debut.
  • If your product or service has a very unique business model (as you introduce it right at the beginning).

See the video yourself!

The Crazy Egg promo

Style, length and tone

  • Style – Animation
  • Length – Slightly longer at 2 min, 38 sec, but damn effective
  • Tone – Energetic, light humor
  • Target audience – All online business owners
  • Industry – IT, Software

This video is long because it is a combination of a promo and a How-to video.

The product was already in the market and used by many top customers.

Script format

An introduction slide or shot

In this case, the video uses an almost static shot summarizing the entire product.

It says ‘The heat map tool that shows why your visitors aren’t converting’.

And that’s a great summary of what the tool does!

Explaining the main problem statement

This will be the #1 pain that your product will solve.

In this case, it says ‘The biggest problem small businesses face is they don’t know why their businesses are not converting’.

Needless to say, you have to highlight your TOP problem, so that the audience gets glued right from the start.

Diving into more specific pains areas

In this video, it highlights 3 major pains areas

  • Typical analytics don’t give your in-depth information on why visitors leave
  • You can’t make big improvements to your site’s conversion rate
  • You don’t get detailed info on which sections of your website your visitors hate or love the most

Screenshot from the Crazy Egg video on Youtube

For your video, once you have identified your main problem statement, go a little further.

Bring out the top pains for which the audience is dying to get a solution!

Announcing your product as the only solution

This is the time you highlight your product as the savior and mention a few lines on what it does.

Presenting what do you get in the box? What are the main features?

This video talks about the 4 most important features of the product.

But more importantly, how these features help their customers.

It impressively states how these features help you to know where the visitors abandon any specific page. Or which sections of pages do they like the most.

‘Benefits over features’, is a key!

Clarifying how easy it is to get started

The video shows how easy it is to set up the tool for your website and start using it.

It promises, it only a 30-second setup process.

It is important to reassure your audience, that setting up your product is not going to be rocket science. In fact, it is going to be a cakewalk.

Clearing any known doubts

Crazy egg was already in the market, so the founders knew the typical concerns or doubt their customer had.

Their customers were asking if it supports various multiple domains and if the analytics would be super-fast.

These are addressed in the video.

If you already know the concerns, this is a great way to reassure your customers. Make them feel they would be taking the right decision!

Showcasing testimonials

As Crazy Egg was used by top-notch customers, they put logos of all big brands.

Screenshot from the Crazy Egg video on Youtube


Lastly, it gives an impressive call-to-action for signing up and getting a free 30-day trial.

Best fit for:

A product that is already in the market. You already have a nice little customer portfolio. But you want to promote it to a blockbuster!

Check out the video!

The Dropbox promo

DropBox was the original ‘cloud storage’ platform. Their video is touted as the 1st one to start a trend of explainer videos.

Style, length and tone

  • Style – The concept of using stop motion with cut-outs was also very unique.
  • Length – 2 min, 16 sec
  • Tone – Storytelling, imaginative
  • Target audience – Everyone who has access to online devices
  • Industry – IT, Software, Retail IT

Script format

Using analogy (example) to explain the problem

The Dropbox concept was quite new and they used an example of a ‘Magic Pocket’.

How would it be if you had a magic pocket to keep all your stuff, take stuff out any time? Without forgetting and access it from anywhere?

Taking this example, they tried to relate the problem of sharing and accessing files across devices. Whenever you need it, wherever you need it, without carrying all of your devices and manually transferring files.

This was 2009 where the internet was not so powerful and Google was just starting to up its game.

Introducing the product

After establishing the problem, Dropbox is introduced with very simple yet effective lines.

‘Solving this problem is one of the big ideas behind Dropbox.’

‘Like a magic pocket that can store all your files.’

Introducing a character and a scenario

The video establishes a character called ‘Josh’ who is planning a trip to Africa.

Not only the character, but a scenario is also created.

In this case, it is ‘Travel’. That’s a time when you will need a product like Dropbox very badly!

Explaining the main problems along with the features that solve them

In this case, the video shows a number of problems and how Dropbox solves them.

Like during the planning stage, all his itinerary is spread across devices. Dropbox helps to sync up all of these across devices.

If during his safari trip, his jeep takes a dive and his laptop is ruined, his data would still be safe. The Dropbox website would have a backup.

Screenshots from the Dropbox video on Youtube

Giving a happy ending to the scenario

The video goes onto say, how successful the trip was. And how Josh could manage to take multiple photos and share with his mom and so on.

A feel-good factor always helps. That’s ultimately whatever everyone wants. To be successful and get results!

Mentioning the multipurpose usage

The video goes on to say, how Dropbox can be used not just for documents, but everything from music to videos.

It also says how it’s a good choice for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you are traveling, running a business or organizing your life, Dropbox is for everyone.

It’s always good to show that your product is an all-rounder!


It nudges the audience to start their own adventure like Josh and asks them to download Dropbox from the website.

Best fit for:

  • Product debut.
  • If your product has an entirely new concept and explaining it directly is not as easy.

This is the video on Youtube.

The Panorama 9 promo

This Panorama 9 explainer video explains how important it is to have a robust security solution for your company’s IT infrastructure.

Style, length and tone

  • Style – Animation (giving a really old school Mario Bros gaming feel). Check out all different styles of explainer videos.
  • Length – Quite long at 2 min, 41 sec
  • Tone – Funny, in fact very funny with a hilarious over the top voiceover
  • Target audience – All companies who have an IT department
  • Industry – IT, Software, All

Script format

Establishing the target user (the central character, the hero)

In this promo, the central character and savior is the ‘IT-man’. He is the typical employee from the IT department who solves each and every problem.

The entire story revolves around him. He is already a hero in his own way.

But he too has limitations.

This is an excellent way to look at typical problems from an end-user perspective.

Showing a typical workday with typical problems

On a typical day (Level 1), the IT-man solves problems like missing files, server crashes and getting inventory reports manually. This leaves a big toll on his energy level (and worse) which is bad for the company.

Screenshot from the Panorama 9 video on Youtube

The main problem area is highlighted very cleverly in this section.

If that is Level 1, imagine what will happen if the day is a disaster (level 3)?

Introducing the product

‘Wait IT-man, it doesn’t have to end this way.’

‘There is a secret power-up in the cloud, that will give you IT-powers beyond your wildest dreams.’

A huge echoing voice calls out ‘Panorama 9’ and the product is introduced.

What better way?

Explaining the main features solving major problems

The focus in this section is on the benefits given to the IT man and the company.

The various features solve major problems like:

  • Realtime view of all devices and users
  • A server in Honduras (a far-off Carribean nation) going low on disk space
  • Unwanted external traffic (haha)

Screenshot from the Panorama 9 video on Youtube

  • And cyber-attacks (obviously this company is American)

Screenshot from the Panorama 9 video on Youtube


It describes how super easy it is to get started (5 minutes).

The call-to-action briefly mentions the pricing model (monthly). It also offers a one-click trial option.

Best fit for:

  • Product debut.
  • Products where you want to highlight the end-users and their problems

Check out the hilarious video and bring back your 80s gaming memories.

The Pinterest promo

This Pinterest explainer promo was created by a company called breadnbeyond.com. It’s not an official Pinterest video but does the job fantastically well!

It explains Pinterest in 90 seconds flat (well it 97 seconds, but what the heck let’s not be timekeepers!)

Style, length and tone

  • Style – Animation (really cool custom animation)
  • Length – 1 min, 37 sec
  • Tone – Easy going, even-paced
  • Target audience – All who want to know and use Pinterest
  • Industry – Social Media

Script format

Starting with ‘Everything you wanted to know about ‘ABC’ in ‘X’ seconds

This explainer starts with a cool music track and some nice kinetic typography.

‘Everything you wanted to know about Pinterest in 90 seconds.’ This line sets the expectations straight. The audience will understand Pinterest in 90 seconds.

For your explainer videos, use this and let the audience be on the edge of their seats.

Explaining the problem statement by going back in time

Go back decades or centuries and explain how things were done then.

In this case, the video goes to the 70s when you had to keep magazine cut-outs for your favorite photos.

In the 90s, you had to manually save pictures on floppies and transfer them.

In this era, with new devices all over, there has to be something different.

This is a great way to say to your audience, “Stop using your old methods”.

Introducing your product

“There’s got to be something better than this. Use Pinterest.”

These lines introduce the product simply but effectively.

Highlighting the features and the benefits you get

The video mentions how easy it is to click pictures from different devices and pin them onto the ‘Pinterest board’.

And the variety of boards you can make based on category. You can easily organize and view different types of photos.

Screenshot from the Pinterest video created by Breadnbeyond on Youtube

And how easy it is to share and connect with people around the world with similar interests.

Going beyond features (what additional do you get)

Beyond just uploading and sharing pictures, you can organize events, share recipes, DIY projects and promote your stuff.

This section of the video is an excellent way to show the versatility of your product!


It ends with a standard call-to-action to sign up and get started.

Best fit for:

  • A product that is already in the market AND
  • A product that’s already a bit popular and you want to expand the user base AND
  • A product that has a unique concept and needs to be explained in detail

You can see this video here:

Inspired? Pick your format today and make that awesome explainer video! Use these amazing DIY explainer video software.

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